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Survey FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What do you do with my information?
Answer: All your information is secure on our site and is NEVER shared with anyone or company outside of Muchas Gracias Mexican Food®. See our Policies Page for more information.

2. What does this survey do?
Answer: We use this survey to improve our restaurant locations and the food that we provide. If there is something you would like to see in our restaurants, let us know.

3. Does a 'REAL' person actually see the comments I make?
Answer: YES!! This survey is seen by more than one person in our corporate headquarters and we have often made changes to several restaurants because of the comments that we have received.

4. Can I fill out this survey more than once?
Answer: Sure, please fill out the survey as much as you would like. We love to hear about all of the different locations - how many have you visited and what you think about each of them?

5. Can I request an item that is not currently offered in any of your restaurants?
Answer: Absolutely, we would love to hear about food items that you would like to see on the menu. We can't promise that we will offer it but know that we will give it serious consideration.

Have you heard of Belly?


Many of our locations have started a new loyalty program called belly. If you are a frequent visitor at any of our locations, please inquire about Belly in-store program.
*At participating locations.